We set high standards for ourselves and we believe that our partners can expect this from us
Market research shows that most entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises see the accountant as their first point of contact and trusted advisor. Many expect that they can call on their accountant with practically any question and problem,
and De Beer likes to fulfil that expectation. For more than half a century the name ‘De Beer’ has been a guarantee for quality and commitment. We have set high standards for ourselves, and we feel that our clients may do the same.
For more than half a century the name ‘De Beer’ has been a guarantee for quality and commitment. The services provided by our firm are supported by two pillars. The first one is quality and professionalism. We have set high standards for ourselves, and we feel that our clients may do the same. Our staff is highly motivated and well-educated, and we devote a great deal of attention to permanent education. The second pillar of our services is personal commitment. Despite our growth De Beer has managed to maintain a personal scale, both externally – towards our clients, and also towards parties such as banks, civil law notaries, the tax authority etc. – and internally, in the relationships with our staff. Due to a combination of professional service and a high degree of commitment to the client De Beer has seen a steady growth since its incorporation in 1952. Meanwhile our firm employs some 75 staff working from two offices. It is our joint mission to get you the best results possible!
De Beer has a broad and varied client portfolio, both in size and in branches of industry. In order to provide services to all these clients as efficiently as possible, we have five accounting teams averaging 6 to 8 staff. The services we perform are audits, reviews and preparation work for our clients in practically all sectors of business, commercial services and non-profit organisations. We also conduct financial administration services and perform all related duties. At De Beer we see all our services as sports disciplines, which, once combined, ensure that our clients are provided with an excellent performance on a high level. In most cases this is a team effort, in which – depending on the situation or question – one or several services take the lead. That is why we like to offer our clients the integrated service package.
Doing what you like the most, while you’re being yourself and optimizing your talent, that’s what we do at De Beer. Of course education and experience are important, but we are particularly interested in your dreams and plans for the future. So you can really add something to our team. Enjoying your job gives you energy that reflexes into good advices and solutions where others only see figures. No worries for your social live. De Beer gives you the opportunity to find a good balance between work and spare time. De Beer is not about working overtime. Happy employees are, in our eyes, people who have time to relax at home, so they can focus when they’re at the office. Live is already exhausting enough! This philosophy, combined with our no nonsense attitude seems to work well. In small teams of 6 to 8 people we combine flexibility with efficiency and offer lots of possibilities to grow and develop yourself within your individual wishes.
De Beer is located close to the Belgian border. That makes us an excellent partner for entrepeneurs and businesses with an international scope. In case of projects across the border, where European rules and treaties play a role, we like to seek the cooperation with VGD, our international partner. VGD is originally a Belgian firm and had offices in various European countries. When it comes to culture and way of working, De Beer and VGD are a great match. Doing Business in The Netherlands is published by De Beer International. The purpose of this detailed manual is to guide you through the investment environment in The Netherlands. It offers practical information on the country and its economy and how to set up a business, adopting the ideal legal form, the subsidy schemes, the tax system, labour law and much, much more. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are continuously seeking for opportunities to tune our services and communication to our customer requirements. Recently we introduced an online communication and administration application called DeBeerOnline®. By communicating faster and more easier, the entrepeneur has time left for doing those things where he’s the best in: doing business. Through an online portal you have access to a professional Management Information System: 24/7 and all over the world. DeBeerOnline® gives you current information of your organization. You can get custom made Management Reports from financial data and you have full access in your own file. It gives you a transparent view on what we do for you and the figures of your company.

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On our English pages you can find a small selection of our website. For more information, please visit our Dutch section or contact us.

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